What’s what?

We offer a lot of classes at RCDC, but which ones are right for you?


COMBo dance

This class focuses on teaching students between the ages of 5-8 the basics of two core styles of dance, Ballet and Tap. All season, this recreational class works towards becoming comfortable moving their bodies and achieving a beginner level of knowledge in both styles, while also preparing for the end of the season recital.



This class is designed for 2-4 year old students and works to grow their love for dance, music, and movement from a young age. This class focuses on getting young children comfortable and confident not only in class, but on stage, showing them the best parts of dance through a performance in our end of the year recital. Our curriculum is a pre-school approach to movement, dance, art and yoga to grow a love for a healthy lifestyle.


Hip Hop/Acro

This class runs on all of our recreational class days, working with students ages 5-8 to improve strength, flexibility, and stage presence by practicing acrobatics and hip-hop. The acro portion of the class practices the basics of acrobatics, allowing the students to learn fun tricks and skills. The hip hop portion lets them dance to their favorite songs and practice bringing their own personality to the stage, all while learning the basics of one of today’s most popular styles of dance.


Theatre 101

Our musical theater class works with students ages 5 and up to not only grow their love of dance, music, acting, and all forms of stage performance, but also hones their skills as public speakers, creative writers, and leaders. They have multiple showcase throughout the year allowing loved ones the chance to watch their child grow in confidence on stage.


Jazz Funk/Tap

This class works with students ages 8 and up at a beginner to intermediate level, focusing on two core styles of dance and ultimately preparing for the annual end of the season recital.


Aeriel Yoga kids

This class works with students ages 7 and up. We use a yoga trapeze to work flexibility, strength, and deepen our knowledge of yoga. Our class ends with meditation and mindfulness exercises. This is a very unique program for students to learn a variety of yoga poses, trapeze tricks and meditation.


Open Hip Hop

This class is open to all students ages 9 and up. It offers a full hour of hip hop, working to learn basic and intermediate level abilities in this popular dance style and preparing for the end of the season recital.



This ballet class is for students ages 12 and up working at an intermediate to advanced level. Students go on pointe only at the request of the instructor. This is a supplementary class that does not perform at the annual recital.


Open Lyrical

This class works with students ages 8 and up with a beginner to intermediate skill level in lyrical and contemporary. This is an open class for both company and recreational students. The class not only performs at the annual recital, but students also have the option to compete with this number alongside our company.


Acro Strength Training

This class is for students ages 8 and up working to improve their strength and flexibility through acrobatic skills and technique. This is a supplementary class that does not perform at the annual recital.


Combo Dance

This class works with the students ages 5-8 in the basics of ballet and tap. This class is the perfect stepping stone once a student outgrows Pre-Dance classes. While the class still focuses on growing a love for dance, music, and performing, students will begin to work on beginner level ballet skills and introductory tap skills. This all leads up to their performance in the annual recital.